LA RUCHE linguistic services


Precision, elegance, discretion

Our expert collaborators only translate into their mother tongue and are bound by professional confidentiality. They give the same level of attention to every job, be it an occasional request or a large, long-term project.

Our standard is your standard

To produce quality texts that are adapted to your audience and strictly correct, we consult numerous sources in your field. La Ruche intently follows the latest linguistic news and publications from the Office de la langue française du Québec, the Académie française, and grammar-book and dictionary editors. We often refer to peer-reviewed documents, regular and specialized newspapers, laws and regulations, and terminology databases. La Ruche applies the standards required for a particular field and a particular level of language.

The standard that applies to your texts is where the linguistic judgement of La Ruche's experts intersects with the intent of your communications. It's a standard that's uniquely yours.