LA RUCHE linguistic services


ServicesEnglish-French translation*

Translation is often essential for doing business or communicating discoveries and techniques.

At La Ruche, we translate and adapt texts into French for various audiences, in a wide range of fields, for diverse clients.

French editing

Great ideas aren’t always exceptionally clear in a first draft. We edit your French texts so they conform to grammatical logic and to applicable standards, taking into account your target audience (guests, clients, shareholders) and your field.

Comparative revision*

We also offer comparative revision, which entails verifying the faithfulness (meaning and form) of a translation into French by comparing the two versions of the text. Our rates apply to professionally translated** texts only.

French copywriting

We write your letters, stories, corporate communications, manuals and grant applications for you, to help you reach your goals.

*Translation and revision in other language pairs or in specific specialized fields are available on request. For more information, contact our coordinator.

**We do not revise automatic translations or those done by amateur translators. It often takes longer to edit these types of texts than it would to translate them.